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  • Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes DVD
    Item #: MMAM026
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NA Runtime: 97 Street Date: 5/30/2006 Features: P&S Synopsis: These glamorous showgirls have everything a girl could want - except engagement rings! In a quest for true love, Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) and her gold digger pal Dorothy (Jane Russell) set sail on a luxury-liner bound for France. But the pair hits rocky waters when a manipulative detective, an over-aged, over sexed millionaire (Charles Coburn) and the entire men's Olympic team try to put an anchor in their marriage-minded mischief. It's a wild and joyously funny ride across the Atlantic as our bathing beauties plan and plot a way to land their men. Bonus Features: *Movietone News: Mann's Chinese theater *"Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in Cement" *Original theatrical trailer *Marilyn cross promotional trailer *Widescreen format *Promotional trailer *Interactive menus and scene selection Specifications: Audio: English & French: Stereo & Mono Language: Dubbed: French / Subtitled: English, French, & Spanish Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot DVD
    Item #: MMAM023
    Studio: MGM/UA HOME VIDEO (FOX) Rated: NA Runtime: 122 Street Date: 7/12/2005 Features: WS Synopsis: When Chicago musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) accidentally witness a gangland shooting, they quickly board a south bound train to Florida, disguised as Josephine and Daphne, the two newestand homeliest members of an all-girl jazz band. Their cover is perfect... until a love lorn singer (Marilyn Monroe) falls for Josephine, an ancient playboy (Joe E. Brown) falls for Daphne, and a mob boss (George Raft) refuses to fall for their hoax! Nominated* for 6 Academy Awards®, Some Like It Hot is the quintessential madcap farce and one of the greatest of all film comedies (The Motion Picture Guide).
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe Prince and the Showgirl DVD
    Item #: MMAM028
    Studio: WARNER HOME VIDEO (EURPAC) Rated: NR Runtime: 117 Mins Street Date: 1/15/2013 Features: Color Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier whip up a romantic souffle as lovers, contending politics, petty jealousies and palace intrigues in war-shadowed Europe.
    • $5.97
  • Marilyn Monroe Bus Stop DVD
    Item #: MMAM029
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NA Runtime: 96 Mins Street Date: 3/19/2013 Features: WideScreen Color Synopsis: A young and innocent cowboy discovers the girl of his dreams (Marilyn Monroe) and decides to make her his wife. She is more than reluctant to accept his proposal and he forces her to board a bus headed for Montana. The road is blocked and the journey is interrupted by an overnight stay at Grace's Diner, where her plight is soon revealed to all. Realizing his brute approach will never win her heart, he apologizes and kisses her goodbye, only to discover she really has grown to love him. Acclaimed by many as Marilyn Monroe's first serious acting performance. BUS STOP displays a mixture of humor and pain. Bonus Features: *Still Gallery *Original theatrical trailer *Marilyn cross promotional trailer *Widescreen format *Cross promotional trailer *Interactive menus and scene selection
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe How to Marry a Millionaire DVD
    Item #: MMAM025
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NR Runtime: 105 Mins. Street Date: 8/3/2010 Features: WideScreen Color Synopsis: They're three beautiful models, looking for the man and the money of their dreams! Almost broke, they pool their funds to rent a posh Manhattan penthouse in which they plan to lure their victims. But the gold digger's plans suddenly go awry when two of them fall for men who appear to be poor! Trying to stop each other from marrying the wrong guy, Monroe, Grable, Bacall deliver the finest comedic performances of their careers. And they learn that a rich man is actually worthless- unless you're in love with him! Bonus Features: *Movietone News: Premiere with the stars "How To Marry a Millionaire in Cinemascope" *Original theatrical trailers in english, italian, and german *Marilyn cross promotional trailer *Widescreen format *Interactive menus and scene selections
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe The Seven Year Itch DVD
    Item #: MMAM024
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NA Runtime: 110 Street Date: 5/30/2006 Features: P&S Synopsis: It's a steamy summer in New York City and this scandalous, sexy comedy heats things up even more! A married man (Tom Ewell), whose wife and son are away for the summer, has his fidelity put to the test when a seductive starlet (Marilyn Monroe) moves in upstairs. Keeping his marriage vows in the face of her flirtations proves tough when challenged by the notorious "seven year itch." Faced with this provocative problem, he's victim to an outrageous mating dance filled with hilarious comedy! Bonus Features: *Widescreen Feature plus 2 deleted scenes "Bathtub" and "Subway" *Interactive Menus and Scene Selection *Movietone News: New York Premiere "The Seven Year Itch has sneak preview" *Back Story: The Seven Year Itch *Original Theatrical Trailers in English & Spanish *Marilyn Cross Promotional Trailer
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe There's No Business Like Show Business DVD
    Item #: MMAM022
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NR Runtime: 118 Mins Street Date: 7/31/2012 Features: WideScreen Color An all-star cast that includes Ethel Merman, Dan Dailey, Marilyn Monroe, Donald O'Connor, Johnnie Ray and Mitzi Gaynor sparks this tuneful Irving Berlin musical that depicts the trials and triumphs of a veteran vaudeville family. Molly (Merman) and Terry (Dailey) Donahue start out as a duo and keep adding kids to the act until they finally become The 5 Donahues. Their busy, sometimes tumultuous lives aren't always easy, but the Donahues have plenty of love to get them through the hard times and more than enough talent to keep them on top. Highlighted by one classic Irving Berlin song after another and an array of dazzling production numbers, this upbeat, utterly delightful tale of life on the stage proves, beyond and doubt, that There's No Business Like Show Business! Bonus Features: -Theatrical trailer 1 and 2 -Portuguese theatrical trailer -Widescreen format -Interactive menus -Trailer -Scene selection
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe Monkey Business DVD
    Item #: MMAM027
    Studio: 20TH CENTURY FOX Rated: NA Runtime: 92 Street Date: 3/19/2013 Features: P&S/WS Synopsis: Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers star in this classic comedy about a chemist who discovers the secret of eternal youth. For years, Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Grant) has been working on a youth-restoring serum with little success - until the day a chimpanzee gets loose in the lab and accidentally concocts the exact formula Fulton has been searching for. The hilarity begins when, unbeknownst to anyone, the chimpanzee pours it into the office water cooler. For with each successive drink, everyone gets younger and younger. When Fulton's stunning secretary (Marilyn Monroe) and lovely wife get a taste of the potion, the chemical reaction is explosive and hilarious fun! Bonus Features: *Theatrical trailer *Trailers: Let's Make Love, Don't Bother To Knock, Niagara, River of No Return, & Diamond Collection *Restoration comparison *Still gallery (19 stills) Specifications: Audio: English: 2.0 Stereo / English & French: 2.0 Mono Language: Dubbed: French / Subtitled: Spanish & English Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    • $14.98
  • Marilyn Monroe My Week with Marilyn DVD
    Item #: MMAM030
    During Marilyn Monroe's first trip to London to film The Prince and the Showgirl, she befriends Colin Clark, a 23 year old production assistant on the set. When Monroe's husband, playwright Arthur Miller, makes a trip to Paris, Clark takes the opportunity to introduce her to the world outside of Hollywood fame.
    • $14.98